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Limited Edition

MIX'D 12
(440ml Cans)

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Explore our new Bishop Nick CAN'D range. Something for everyone at the party!

The MIX'D 12 case includes:

4 x CHILL'D, 3 x TATTOO'D, 3 x CRUZ'D & 2 x ROAST'D

(For a case of 24 assume double) 

TATTOO'D (New Zealand Hopped Red Ale 4.8%)

This one’s got its feet firmly in Essex but it’s still bending your ear with stories from its gap year. Hopped with New Zealand’s Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Rakau, this punchy red ale delivers an aroma bursting with classic citrus and orchard fruits. Flavours of gooseberry, grapefruit and pine, a robust malt backbone and a dry, hoppy finish round off a full-flavoured, sessionable beer. 

CRUZ'D (West Coast IPA 6.2%)

Like a late summer sunset over the Hollywood Hills, this big, peach-hued West Coast IPA is chock-full of star quality and classic American hops including Amarillo & El Dorado. Serving up refreshing notes of melon and pineapple and cut through with a satisfying citrus hit, this well-balanced pale is crisp on the palate with a long, hoppy finish. It’s the craft beer equivalent of a trip to the beach and a dip in the Pacific.

ROAST'D (Milk Coffee Stout 5.6%)

We don’t mess about when it comes to stout. This one’s properly decadent. Lactose sweetness and oats, combined with hints of chocolate, toffee and biscuity maltiness, create a warming blend. Roasted coffee and hop bitterness provide balance, and a velvety mouthfeel rounds off a satisfyingly smooth dark beer.

CHILL'D (Pilsner style Lager 4.8%)

Shot through with the subtlety and complexity it’s only possible to get from an authentic small batch brewing process, this Pilsner style lager is crisp, clean and truly thirst-quenching. Crafted with Pilsner Malt, German & Polish hops and fermented with great patience on our part, before being ‘lagered’ in tank, we’ve created the perfect guest for your party. And what’s more, it won’t bore you with small talk!

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