• Virtual Party Beer


If you are still shielding or are wary of heading to the pub just yet or if you're enjoying a bit of freedom and planning to meet up with some mates, check out our 'new look' minicasks.  These and our minipins and polypins have proved really popular with people who want to pull a pint of draught ale at home.

9 pints – Mini-casks are a perfect size to have on stand-by for a BBQ.
We have filled mini-casks with beers from across the core range and limited edition beers. They contain a live yeast and would benefit from a few hours settling time so get yourself organised for the weekend.
Once opened the mini-casks are good for 2-3 days if you don’t finish one in a session! They leave us with a good shelf life of approximately 5-6 weeks. £20

36 pints & 18 pints – Polypins and Minipins are ‘bag-in’box’ style take home cartons which are recyclable.
They are easy to use and are perfect for your home-bar. We can fill polypins and minipins with the core beers and, when stock levels allow, the current Limited Edition brews (check availability on our webshop). £60/£40

How to look after your minipin/polypin beer so as to enjoy it at its best:

• Keep the beer cool - we suggest around 10-13 degrees.

• Setting up the box - place box onto a firm and steady surface where you plan to serve from, slightly tilt it forward (try propping it with a hard back book under the back edge) and open the flap around the perforations to reveal the tap.

• Allow your beer to settle. (Our beer normally settles within about eight hours but, ideally, we'd suggest leaving 24 hours between setting up the beer and serving).

• Once opened, the beer should pour in good condition for approx 5 – 10 days but in reality, it could well be perfectly drinkable for longer. Note - the last pint might be a bit cloudy especially if you have to tilt the box to serve as this will disturb the sediment at the bottom.

500ml – We currently have a good range in bottle too – all available through our webshop. If you would like advice or help with choosing the perfect beer and quantity for your event please drop us a line at info@bishopnick.com or call us on 01376 349 605

We are offering FREE LOCAL HOME DELIVERY (within 20miles of the brewery) for all orders over £30.
Free national delivery over £60 (regrettably we cannot courier the minipins/polypins so these are only available for local delivery and collection).