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  • September 12, 2017 1 min read

    Goldstaff is now available in 500ml bottle.  A rich golden session ale brewed to soothe the soul!

    Subtle nutty sweetness compliments spicy blackcurrant and citrus flavours, dispensing solid refreshment. Pale Ale malt with a touch of caramalt seals the deal with comforting biscuit smoothness.

    The first brew sold out in cask quick fast so we've brewed it again and this time it really is 'grab it or it's gone'.  Great feedback at Chappel Beer Festival last week.  They ran out pretty quick.

    Our brewer enjoys a Spitfire from time to time and suggested we brew a nice rich golden ale which was easy on the hops.  Ours has gone down as a late summer harvest ale.  Not too challenging but definitely a restorative and comfort ing pint.

    Order yours now!