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May 04, 2017 2 min read


Now Available in Bottle!

MILD MAY is upon us.  CAMRA promotes Mild throughout May.  And here we have Bishop Nick's contribution - Dark Mild (3.7%)  Intense, dark and devilishly moreish, this smooth British classic is dominated by chocolate malt.  Easy on the hops but amply dry, this refreshing brew will keep you coming back.

Available in cask and soon to be in bottle.

Find it near you...Who has taken our Mild so far this week?

The Battesford Court - Witham (Wetherspoons)

The New Inn - Colchester

The Ivory Peg - Chelmsford (Wetherspoons)

The Rising Sun - Stanford le Hope

The White Hart - Grays

The Compasses - Littley Green

The Plough - Debden

The Cambridge Beer Festival (22-27 May)

CAMRA branches encourage at least one pub in their area to stock at least one Mild during May for the local pub-goers to try.  They would also encourage non-active members to speak to their local licensees to see if they would be willing to try some Milds during May.

What is mild? 

Milds are black to dark brown to pale amber in colour and come in a variety of styles from warming roasty ales to light refreshing lunchtime thirst quenchers. Malty and possibly sweet tones dominate the flavour profile but there may be a light hop flavour or aroma. Slight diacetyl (toffee/butterscotch) flavours are not inappropriate.  Alcohol levels are typically low.

Pale milds tend to have a lighter, more fruity aroma with gentle hoppiness.

Dark milds may have a light roast malt or caramel character in aroma and taste.

Scottish cask beers may have mild characteristics with a dominance of sweetness, smooth body and light bitterness.

Original gravity: less than 1043
Typical alcohol by volume: less than 4.3%
Final gravity 1004 - 1010
Bitterness 14 - 28 EBU