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New canned range for Bishop Nick

April 22, 2021 1 min read

New canned range for Bishop Nick

We have now officially launched a brand-new range of beers in can. BISHOP NICK CAN’D is a selection of four bold new flavours brewed specifically for 440ml cans and is available now online and at our brewery shop on site in Braintree.

The series includes:

Cruz’d – a big peach-hued West Coast IPA chock full of American Hops

Roast’d – a decadent Milk Coffee Stout

Tattoo’d – a New Zealand hopped Red Ale

and a first for us – a Pilsner-style Lager brewed with German and Polish hops called Chill’d.

With a rich heritage of traditional brewing, Nelion stands firm by his range of uncompromising quality ales. He and head brewer Alex, have enjoyed notable industry success with leading national and regional awards for their cask ale and bottled range and they felt the time was right to expand their offering with some fresh recipes which celebrate popular global styles.

Nelion said “It has been a testing time for the industry but we have been blessed with loyal and supportive customers, a hard-working team and some quality beers which have weathered the storm.  We have had a lot of fun creating this new range of beers and we hope the vibrancy of our new cans will add some colour to the party now that the great unlocking has begun!”