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ARISE is back

January 31, 2017 2 min read

ARISE is back

Arise is back. (3.9% ABV Amber Ale)

Rise and shine, lets get this year into gear. And with what better beer than this sturdy brute, packed full of home grown hops. Firstly Bramling Cross delivers a spicy blackcurrant jab, backed by Challenger to bring full-bodied refreshment. Goldings polishes things off, administering a smooth, subtly sweet finale. Bishop Nick will see you through.

Arise proved extremely popular this time last year so we've brought it back for your delectation.  Now available from our web shop, local bottle stockist and on site at our brewery shop.  Arise is one of our Limited Editions and there are no plans to re-brew it this year so grab it while you can.  Our 500ml are bottle conditioned - so the real deal. No artificial carbonation or filtering so you get the power and the punch and the natural effervescence of hand crafted Real Ale.

Does your Valentine enjoy a local brew?  Arise could reach parts other beers don't reach... Try it out.

What went in to it?

Bramling Cross hops...

Bramling Cross is a dual purpose hop of considerable character. Its distinctive “American” aroma put many brewers off this variety in its early years. It has a strong spicy/blackcurrant flavour and good alpha characteristics. Bramling Cross has now made something of a comeback in traditional cask conditioned beers because of its very distinctive characteristics and has done very well in all styles of beer.

Bramling Cross hops were bred from a cross in 1927 between Bramling (one of the traditional Golding varieties) and a male seedling of the Manitoban (Canadian) wild hop.  Also known as OT48, this variety was developed at Wye College by a certain Professor Salmon.