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  • December 01, 2016 2 min read

    Who's in charge of Christmas Beer?  We offer a perfect solution to your home entertaining liquid needs.  We can make up 'bag-in-box' style Polypins (34pt) and Minipins (17pt) for you to collect direct from the brewery.  This is Real Ale and your guests will love a pint straight from the tap.  Easy to transport and once tapped, you've got a couple of weeks to get through it so if you open it Christmas Eve you can still be pouring for New Years Eve (yeah right!!!).

    Beers available in Polypins and Minipins (and, indeed, 5l minicasks) are Ridley's Rite (3.6%), Heresy (4%), 1555 (4.3%) and our Christmas special Bob Sleigh (5.1%).  Just let us know which you'd like.

    Very easy to use and as long as you store it somewhere steady and cool you should be all set for your party.

    For your convenience we'll be opening the brewery shop on Saturdays from 10am-2pm until Christmas Eve so with a little bit of notice (say 24hrs) we'll have it ready for your collection.  We are also open Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 4.30pm.

    Drop us an e-mail at and let use know what you'd like and when you want to pick it up and we'll do the rest.  Or give us a buzz on 01376 349 605

    Polypins (34pts) are £60, minipins (17pt) £40 and minicasks (9pt) £20.  So, it goes without saying, the more you get the better the value but any which way, draft craft ale direct from source beats your crate from the supermarket hands down.

    If you think your guests will have different tastes when it comes to their beer then why not make up a mixed case of 500ml bottles.  All have a good date on them so no pressure to get through them all on Christmas Day.  (Though we would!)