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Dark Times

March 03, 2017 1 min read

Dark Times

Dark Times (4.5%) Milk Stout -When times get tough you can depend on the Bishop to nourish the spirit.  A big chocolate malt hug awaits, coupled with comforting malted oats and a little lactose sugar treat.  Drink in the warmth of the rich, roasted malt and savour the unique and complex milk stout flavours. We say forget the rough and just enjoy this smooth, velvety brew.

We have brewed our first milk stout.  Here's introducing Dark Times (4.5%).  If you liked Devout back in the summer last year, give this one a go.

Dark Times has been available in cask since Monday and we've already sold them all so we've brewed it again today (Friday) and hopefully there won't be much of a gap.  But if there is it will be worth the wait.