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  • March 03, 2017 2 min read

    Scott and his mate Oliver have enjoyed a Brew Day Experience at Bishop Nick today.  A two-man 'stag-do' started early doors with a pastry and a pep talk from the boss man Nelion Ridley.  Scott and Olly were taught the rudiments of making beer and got well and truly stuck in.  Brewing Dark Times (4.5%) our Limited Edition Milk Stout, the two friends rolled up their sleeves and witnessed/assisted the brew process from start to finish.  Well...they left the cleaning to Harry!

    Scott clambered into the mash tun (pictured) to dig it out with our assistant brewer and enjoyed a free sauna!  It was pretty grim and cold in Braintree today but he was snug and warm in there.  A chef by trade, soon to be married Scott (24) is no stranger to following a recipe but our 20bbl copper is probably the biggest saucepan he's ever likely to stir.

    Oliver enjoys his ales - in particular the IPAs and was initially doubtful about a Milk Stout but was interested to learn the brew process was much the same and actually rather liked what he tasted.  Maybe a dark beer convert after today?  He was intrigued to learn about the technicalities of brewing beer - in particular the attention to the pH of the water and the precision involved with various processes and ingredient balance.  During a lull in proceedings, Scott and Oliver chatted to brewers Nelion and Harry over lunch and a pint.

    Olly has been on various brewery tours in his time and was surrounded by the aromas of hops growing up as he did in Suffolk and spending much time in Cornwall but this is an experience he won't forget.  "Not many people can say they've dug out a mash tun" he said to Scott the stag whom he intends to escort into Chelmsford for a pub crawl in pursuit of Bishop Nick beers on tap when they've changed out of their scruffs.  He's done his research!  "Drinking a pint of ale will never be the same again now we know how it is made" he said proudly.

    Olly and Scott will return soon to collect minipins of the beer they've brewed to share, perhaps, with their wedding guests next week.

    It's been great having you on board today guys.  Enjoy the celebrations and I'm glad we've taught you just hot it can get in the kitchen.  Useful to know for married life!

    If you or anyone you know might enjoy exclusive insight into the world of craft brewing with a start to finish commentary from the master brewer Nelion Ridley then call 01376 349 605 for more information.  Or see Brew Day Experience on our website for details.

    £100 includes:

    • Brew Day Experience
    • 1 x Bishop Nick T-shirt
    • 1 x branded Bishop Nick pint glass
    • 1 x 8pt minicask of beer
    • 10% off brewery shop on the day of the Brew Day Experience
    • 20% off the purchase of any quantity of the beer brewed on that day which can be collected once casked/bottled