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Rugby World Cup Prize Draw

September 15, 2015 2 min read

Rugby World Cup Prize Draw

“Beer and Rugby are more or less synonymous” said lots of people often!

Lubricate your World Cup with some proper British Ale from your local Essex brewer.

Minicasks (9pt), Minipins (18pt), Polypins (36pt) available across our range of core beers.
Order yours now and be entered into our Rugby World Cup Prize Draw to win a ‘Hands On Brewing Experience’.
Call 01376 349 605, email or come by our brewery shop at 33 East Street, Braintree (8.30-4.30pm Mon-Fri).

First up England vs Fiji this Friday. GET THE BEERS IN!!!

Further information:
Cask-conditioned ales needs a little time to settle (12hrs approx) before serving. Keep in a cool positon and ask our Bishop Nick staff about handling but pretty straight forward. The minicasks once tapped need to be consumed within 2-3 days (tough one!!) but you've got a couple of weeks to play with the minipins and polypins.

Try and allow 48hrs notice when you order your take home beer but we'll be as accommodating as we can.
We won't let you miss a match!

You are eligible for prize draw entry with each purchase so buy a minicask for each England game and imagine how that will increase your chances!

Your brewing experience will give you (or a friend) hands-on interaction with the whole process alongside our experienced brewers. Get here early, grab a cuppa and get your hands dirty. Savour the aroma and learn a bit about what goes in to making a traditional East Anglian session bitter. We've six generations of knowledge and we're happy to share. We tend to brew Tuesdays and Fridays so will slot you in to suit.

For more details and what to expect call us on 01376 349 605.